How Long Will It Take To Get My New Shower Installed?

Short answer: 3 days to 2 weeks.

Long answer: We know that you may have gone through a long remodel and all you want is your bathroom back. Unfortunately, we are the last ones in and we need to measure after all of your solid surfaces are complete. Some shower doors we keep in stock and the turnaround time is short, but most showers are custom ordered to fit your opening, especially frameless shower enclosures. We have built up a good relationship over the years with our manufacturers and we try to provide you with the best lead time in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. Realistically, you can expect to have your shower in 1-2 weeks. Remember, we are dealing with glass so it can come in scratched or fabricated wrong and need to be remade, but sometimes it comes in just right and we are back out in as little as 4 business days. In the end, we know you will love the new shower door we provide you from Lone Star Shower and Glass, LLC.